Advantages of natural gas for your business or home.

Advantages of natural gas for your business or home, continuous supply, allows greater reliability, being an energy always available and without interruptions, which facilitates the day to day of the business or home and also eliminates the discharge or replacement processes in the facilities:

- Economy, up to 55% cheaper than electricity and 20% cheaper than diesel.
- Supervised, the facilities are subject to periodic inspections regulated by industry
- Flexible, you choose the company and the rate that best suits your needs
- Efficient, homogeneous heat and a constant temperature in hot water
- Safe, in case of incident it spreads quickly, it is less dense than air
- Respectful, with the environment due to low CO2 emissions

At Butan Gas, we make the study that best suits your business or home, we carry out the project, the installation, and all the necessary documentation for subsequent contracting with the marketing company.